Why businesses need editors and proofreaders

Publishers value what we do.

Graduates with theses know how we can help.

Independent authors sell more books because of our attention to detail.

Does the commercial world understand the value we can add?

Commerce produces a veritable blizzard of content— reports, mailshots, brochure, leaflets, advertising copy and web content. It has to be as perfect as possible.

Products and services beautifully photographed or illustrated, engaging content to lure us in and stimulate our acquisitive natures; we are bombarded with it every hour of every day. It has to be as perfect as possible.

The millions of words that are created, written and used by the corporate world, every minute of every day often miss a vital step in their journey from conception to publication — editing and proofreading.

Celebrity movie stars have to do retakes, the files of outtakes at the end of DVD’s are a testament to the difficulty of getting it right first time every time. Blockbuster novels will have been, at the very least, copy-edited and proofread to ensure the text is grammatically correct and free of typo’s and spelling errors. The investment in a professional editor or proofreader is less expensive than sending fifty-thousand books for recycling because a serious error wasn’t spotted.

Everything a company produces to promote its activities needs to be treated with the same attention to detail. Whether it is the annual report, marketing materials or web content, everything that a company produces and publishes says something about that company; about their brand. The time, money and ongoing effort that is invested in how a companies customers and their potential customers view them is enormous. Wasting the effect that this money and effort have by not investing in an editor to review corporate communications is counter-productive and could be far more expensive.

Tiny errors creep in because spell checkers will only spot incorrectly spelt words, not words that wrong are but spelt correctly. Would you alway’s spot ‘The mane reason for …’? Or ‘Our sale were excellent in the fist quarter’ ? Or, finally, one I saw advertising a couple selling strawberries; ‘Strawberries for sale – next lay-bye’.   When you read through words that you have written whether it is copy for an article, brochure copy or web content it is difficult to see any errors that may be there. When we read our own work, we read what we thought we wrote, not what is necessarily on the page. Asking a colleague to check through a piece for you is a good alternative as long as they have the time and the eye for detail this needs. Even then, errors can slip through. These easily avoidable errors have an impact on how a company is viewed and on the perception of the investment a company is making to ensure what they produce is relevant and accurate.

The cost of employing a freelance editor/proofreader is minimal compared to the potential damage to a company’s reputation or brand image caused by grammatical errors, incorrect words or difficult to spot typo’s. It’s really easy to miss these small mistakes as Mitt Romney found to his cost when a campaign app went viral and urged people to stand with Mitt ‘for a better Amercia’ .

Please contact simon@poundburyeditorial.com to discuss how I can help ensure everything you produce is as good as you need it to be.

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